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JatroDiesel's SUPER™ process is a patented single stage, catalyst free, supercritical process technology that will process feedstock with free fatty acid (FFA) up to 100% with minimal or no loss in yield, and completely eliminates the use of a catalyst such as Sulfuric Acid, Sodium Methylate or heterogeneous catalyst (solid or enzymatic). This provides a substantial savings.

In the SUPER™ (supercritical) process both esterification and transesterification are combined into a single stage and operates under high pressure and temperature. This method eliminates the usage of any catalyst. The SUPER™ process can handle feedstock with FFA up to 100% by weight.


  • No Catalyst is required.
  • 25% to 32% savings on production cost compared to the Traditional process.
  • Feedstock flexibility to blend oils with FFA up to 100% by weight.
  • >98% biodiesel yield vs. Traditional plants with 89% to 96% biodiesel yields.
  • Single stage reaction instead of multiple stages in a Traditional plant.
  • Glycerin purity of greater than 95% by weight yields a high value than glycerin from Traditional plants.
  • No soaps ever generated in the Transesterification reaction which is a labor cost issue for Traditional plants.
  • Wet methanol can be used, a moisture tolerant reaction.
  • Smaller footprint.
  • Fast reaction rates, less than a minute.