Fenix Process Technologies Pvt. Ltd. FENIX Process Technologies

Aromatic Solvent Production - C9/C10/C12 Series

CFDT (Continuous Fractional Distillation Process Technology) for Aromatic Solvent based Products

C9 and C10 and C12 Series Heavy Aromatic Solvent Products

We are One Stop complete Fractional Distillation Column Technology Supplier for C9, C10 and C12 Series Products at par with the product quality grade of multinational companies like SHELL, ExxonMobil.

Our Column Design is so robust that it also produces a very narrow boiling range high value product needed for specific customers.

Naphthalene Depleted C10 and C12 Heavy Aromatic Solvents Products

We have unique indigenous develop technology for Naphthalene Depleted C10 and C12 products.

MTO (Mineral Aromatic Oil) and Low Aromatic White Spirit base Products

We also provides the One Stop Solution Distillation Technology for MTO based products from the Jet Fuel and KERO FEED Stock.