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Separator Internals

Fenix is engaged in supplying a wide range of internals for industries in Oil & Gas sector. With its process expertise, skill of optimised design & advanced product technology, Fenix offers a full range of separator internals & related services. Fenix’s separation technology & high quality standard manufacturing practices are always engaged in solving industrial phase separation problems with advanced engineering solutions.

Fenix offers a wide range of Separator Internals such as:

Defoaming Internals / Wave Breakers

Some crude oils, heavy residues, absorption and extraction solvents are having foaming tendencies which may lead to carry-under of gas or to carry-over of liquid which ultimately reduces performance. Fenix offers a special de-foaming internals which helps to improve the performance & also helps to reduce the vessel diameter and even in many cases reduces the use of chemicals for de-foaming. The same can be applied for many cases as wave breakers.