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Separator Internals

Inlet Devices

Fenix is engaged in supplying a wide range of internals for industries in Oil & Gas sector. With its process expertise, skill of optimised design & advanced product technology, Fenix offers a full range of separator internals & related services. Fenix’s separation technology & high quality standard manufacturing practices are always engaged in solving industrial phase separation problems with advanced engineering solutions.

Fenix offers a wide range of Separator Internals such as:

Bifurcator inlet Device

It’s a simple dual vane inlet device used in horizontal separators where there is a requirement for reasonable flow distribution with low shear & pressure drop.

Vane Inlet Devices

This device works by dividing smoothly the incoming flow in to various segments using an array of curved vanes to suit the overall geometry of the inlet nozzles & distribution length.

Key Characteristics:

  • Widely used standard device for an effective distribution and momentum dissipation of incoming multi-phase feeds where the momentum ranges from 3500 to 10000.

Cyclone Inlet Devices

It’s a cyclonic inlet device, wherever there is requirement for high flow capacity, high momentum & very important is having requirement of foam reduction, this device is applied. Used in horizontal and some vertical separators.

Key Characteristics:

  • Main characteristic is their high flow capacity, meaning that more throughput is possible through any given size separator.
  • Cyclones basically works on g-force, when the flow is feed to cyclone it divide in to gas & liquid which causes in reduction in foam formation.
  • Instead of the above types, Fenix also supply distributors such as simple diverter/baffle plate, half pipe, dual vane type distributor, slotted tee distributor, tangential inlet device.