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Column Internals

Packing Supports & Bed Limiters

Packings, whether random or structured, serve the basic purpose of providing intimate contact between liquid and vapour/gas in mass transfer operations. But for effective and efficient performance of packings some more peripherals (i.e. internals) are needed. Fenix has been designing, manufacturing and supplying efficient and economic internals to its customers.

Support grid used for structured packings (FXInt PS-1)

Key Characteristics:

  • Very strong construction is not needed for support plates to be used with structured packing as the weight per unit cross section area of a bed of structured packing is not very high.

Multi beam support used for random packings (FXInt PS-2)

Key Characteristics:

  • For random packings which are dumped on the support plate, the weight per unit cross section area is high. Therefore comparatively stronger construction is required for the support plate.

For large columns (FXInt PS-3)

Key Characteristics:

  • For large diameter and heavy duty distillation columns, the static weight of packed bed combined with the liquid column is quite high. Strong construction of packing support is therefore necessary.

Bed Limiters (FXInt BL-1 & FXInt BL-2)

Key Characteristics:

  • Bed Limiters are installed directly above a packed bed in a distillation column to prevent any movement or shifting of packing elements under turbulent conditions of liquid or vapour flow. These are fabricated as segmented and bolted for large diameter columns but in one piece for small columns.