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Separator Internals

Liquid-Liquid Coalescer

Separation by gravitational settling becomes much more difficult with reduced droplet size. The same process can be enhanced by passing the mixture through coalescer packs. Coalescers are physical/mechanical mean for separation in oil & gas industries worldwide for removal of water or hydrocarbon condensate.

Fenix with its huge experience provides a wide range of coalescers for many applications like for highly viscous to fouling conditions up to polishing separation.

Flat Plate Pack

Plate packs consists of flat plates mounted parallel in the flow direction. Widely applied where the separation need to be improved from simple gravity method to get much better separation. Inclined plates allow a liquid phase to disengage diagonally towards the liquid interface. These coalescer packs are specially designed to suit for severely fouling, dirty, heavy solid conditions.

Key Characteristics:

  • Fenix plate packs are provided with parallel angled plates; generally the plate spacing varies from 15 - 25 mm and can be up to 100 mm depending on process applications.
  • As per process suitability 45º to 60º slope is provided as per fouling severity in services & also to ensure solid separation to avoid plugging.

Matrix Pack

Matrix packs consist of corrugated sheet metal structured packing. Matrix packs are generally mounted on vertical direction to the flow. Matrix coalescers are very effective in coalescing all droplets as small as 50 microns into droplets greater than 1000 microns to separate rapidly under gravity. In liquid-liquid services applied to improve separation which is not possible in an empty gravity separator. Matrix pack is used effectively in clean liquid services to light fouling services or to polish the fluids.

Key Characteristics:

  • Depending on the suitability of process conditions, matrix pack selection is carried out with variety of surface areas generally ranges from 125 m2/m3 to 250 m2/m3 & 600 -1000 mm standard packed length.

Dual Media Coalescer

Fenix high performance dual media coalescers are highly efficient & widely used for clean/non fouling liquid services.

Key Characteristics:

  • These Matrix coalescers are very effective in coalescing all droplets as small as 30-40 microns into droplets greater than 1000 microns, so that the heavy density particle can be easily separated by gravity.
  • For corrosive applications, Fenix can supply coalescers in Alloys & even in polypropylene.