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Column Internals

Liquid Collectors

Packings, whether random or structured, serve the basic purpose of providing intimate contact between liquid and vapour/gas in mass transfer operations. But for effective and efficient performance of packings some more peripherals (i.e. internals) are needed. Fenix has been designing, manufacturing and supplying efficient and economic internals to its customers.

Vane Type Collectors (FXInt LC-1)

Key Characteristics:

  • Also known as “ring type collectors”, these collectors have very low pressure drop almost negligible.

Collectors With Support Grid (FXInt LC-2)

Key Characteristics:

  • This is a combination of packing support grid and vane type collector.

Flanged Type Collectors (FXInt LC-3)

Key Characteristics:

  • This is suitable for comparatively smaller diameter columns where manholes are not practicable and the column sections are flanged in construction.

Chimney Tray Type Collectors (FXInt LC-4)

Key Characteristics:

  • Normally used for large diameter columns with high liquid throughput, it is available in both welded and bolted structure.