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The TRONPHEX Gasketted Plate Heat Exchanger is made up of a designed number of corrugated heat transfer plates with gaskets which are used to channel the flow of the two fluids between alternative plates. The plates are clamped between the Frame Plate and Pressure Plate by means of he rods. The thin film fluid flow area and the turbulence created by TRONPHEX Corrugated Plates produce extremely high heat transfer coefficients resulting in compact Heat Exchangers 1/3rd to 1/5th the size of equivalent Shell & Tube Types.

WELDATRON are the most versatile prime surface heat transfer product available and come in limitless combinations of materials, shapes and styles. They are made either single or double embossed, flat or curved, as single coils or manifolded into banks to meet virtually any process requirements. Immersion coils or external clamp-on coils are available as well as jacket sections for building into tanks.

TRONBLOC is a fully welded Plate Heat Exchanger but totally accessible on both sides. It combines high performance, safety, maintenance and economy. TRONBLOC has no interplate gaskets, is of totally bolted construction and compact size and is easy to maintain. Built with an alloy heart and steel frame, it provides heat transfer performance similar to conventional gasketted PHE and also has temperature cross capabilities The totally bolted design means TRONBLOC is simple to dissemble so the heat transfer plates can be inspected or cleaned. TRONBRID is a fully welded Hybrid Heat Exchanger.

The TRONTHERM is specially designed for heating / cooling of pasty, sticky, lumpy viscous products. The product to be heated or cooled is pumped into one end of the heat exchanger cylinder. The rotor with specially designed blades prevent the product from adhering to the walls of the cylinder by continuous scraping. Agitation of the product also induces turbulence thereby achieving higher heat transfer. The Heating / Cooling medium flows in the jacket. The cylinder is generally in Stainless Steel for Hygienic applications where and CIP is possible. The versatile design of TRONTHERM allows optimum residence times to suit the process requirements by just changing the rotor speed / rotor diameter.

The SPIRATRON Corrugated Heat Exchanger is basically shell and tube or tube in tube type construction differing only in Shell / Tube geometry. The Shell and Tubes are corrugated to induce turbulence in the flows. The turbulence created by SPIRATRON Corrugated Exchangers produce high heat transfer coefficients resulting in compact Heat Exchangers half to one-third the size of equivalent Shell & Tube Types. The corrugations can be designed for the desired thermal duties. A number of SPIRATRON modules can be integrated together and mounted on a free standing structure. The SPIRATRON can be made in SS304, SS 316 and other exotic metals. The materials of Shell and Tubes can be mixed and matched for specific products.