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Methyl Amines Production

The purpose of the Methylamines plant is to produce Mono Methyl Amine (MMA), Dimethyl Amine (DMA) and Tri Methyl Amine (TMA) by the reaction of ammonia with Methanol over a Silica-Alumina Catalyst (KDC-6 as manufactured by Akzo Nobel and supplied by Chemet. Akzo Nobel has been taken over by BASF recently. However, the Catalyst is marketed by Chemet. KDC-8 is likely to be in the market, which is expected to give more DMA than KDC-6). Methyl Amines Catalyst is available from Sinopec, China, which gives a higher ratio of DMA compared to KDC-6. However, the life of the Catalyst as confirmed by them is only one year. KDC-6 has a life of more than 4 years. Methylamines are used as Raw Materials in the production of DMF, DMAE and Choline Chloride and in the manufacture of DMAHCl (Dimethyl Amine Hydrochloride). DMAHCl is a raw material in the manufacture of APIs like Ranitidine Hydrochloride and Metformin Hydrochloride.

Capacity: 50 TPD.
Ratio of the Products shall be as follows:
MMA: 10-12 Tons per day
DMA : 30 -32 Tons per day
TMA : 5-6 Tons per day

Purities of the final products shall be as follows:
MMA : 99.8% Min
DMA : 99.8% Min
TMA : 99.5%+ Min.